About Us

About Us

Laundry Matters is a social enterprise created by the not-for-profit organization, Families Matter Co-op (FMC). FMC supports families whose loved ones have a developmental disability. One of the challenges for our families is finding meaningful employment for their adult children. Laundry Matters was designed to address this need by creating a laundry service that employs people with developmental disabilities.

Laundry Matters is a community of hardworking individuals, job coaches, volunteers and customers that recognize the social value of providing someone with a developmental disability the opportunity to develop skills and be a productive member of society.

Laundry Matters is all about building stronger ties to the community. We have partnered with St. Vincent Hospital to provide on-site laundry services to their patients. By partnering with organizations like St. Vincent and other business leaders we can successfully promote social responsibility.

Why should laundry matter to you?

  • If you have a developmental disability and are looking for employment: Laundry¬†Matters!
  • If you require a laundry service: Laundry Matters!
  • If you are interested in volunteer work: Laundry Matters!
  • If you believe in supporting social enterprises: Laundry Matters!

Did we pique your interest in laundry? Contact Laundry Matters today and learn how you can help put a fresh spin on community.